Astrophotography Equipment

One of the obvious perks of working at a telescope shop (Starizona) is that I get to use a little of everything when it comes to astrophoto gear. But I do have some favorite telescopes and cameras. Most of my CCD images have been done with an Apogee U16M camera. Quite a few shots have been taken using Starizona's HyperStar system, which converts an SCT telescope into a fast f/2 imaging system, making exposure times much shorter than they would otherwise be. The telescope I use most often is the Starizona Hyperion 12.5" that I designed. But you will find pictures on the site taken with everything from 80mm to 254mm apo refractors, 6" to 14" Schmidt-Cassegrains, 12.5" and 16" Hyperion astrographs, and even just wide-angle camera lenses.

I started astrophotography shortly after moving to Arizona in 1997. I managed to get into astrophotography at just the right time to see the major transformation from film photography to digital imaging. This means I had to suffer for a couple years, taking 2-hour guided film shots that can now be duplicated in just minutes. But it also means I have more appreciation for how convenient imaging has become. I always try to capture some new photos when the moon is gone and the skies are clear, so check back often for updates.

If you are interested in taking your own astrophotos, check out the Guide to CCD Imaging that I have written on the Starizona website. It contains tons of information on equipment, capturing images, and processing images.